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    public static void setDefaultLoader(Loader robolectricClassLoader) {
    	//used by the RoboSpecs project to allow for mixed scala\java tests to be run with Maven Surefire (see the RoboSpecs project on github) 
        if (defaultLoader == null) {
            defaultLoader = (RobolectricClassLoader)robolectricClassLoader;
        } else throw new RuntimeException("You may not set the default robolectricClassLoader unless it is null!");
     * Creates a runner to run {@code testClass}. Looks in your working directory for your AndroidManifest.xml file 
     * and res directory. 
     * @param testClass the test class to be run 
     * @throws InitializationError if junit says so 
    public RobolectricTestRunner(final Class<?> testClass) throws InitializationError {
        this(testClass, new RobolectricConfig(new File(".")));
     * Call this constructor in subclasses in order to specify non-default configuration (e.g. location of the