Code example for File

Methods: getParent

    public AndroidManifest(final File baseDir) {
        this(new File(baseDir, "AndroidManifest.xml"), new File(baseDir, "res"), new File(baseDir, "assets"));
    public AndroidManifest(final File androidManifestFile, final File resDirectory) {
        this(androidManifestFile, resDirectory, new File(resDirectory.getParent(), "assets"));
     * Creates a Robolectric configuration using specified locations. 
     * @param androidManifestFile location of the AndroidManifest.xml file 
     * @param resDirectory        location of the res directory 
     * @param assetsDirectory     location of the assets directory 
    public AndroidManifest(File androidManifestFile, File resDirectory, File assetsDirectory) {
        this.androidManifestFile = androidManifestFile;
        this.resDirectory = resDirectory;
        this.assetsDirectory = assetsDirectory;