Code example for Properties

Methods: put

    public void testBasicPubSub() throws Exception 
        log.debug("public void testBasicPubSub(): called");
        Properties testConfig = new Properties();
        testConfig.put("TEST_NAME", "TC3_BasicPubSub");
        testConfig.put("PUBSUB_KEY", "tc3route");
        testConfig.put("PUBSUB_NUM_MESSAGES", 10);
        testConfig.put("PUBSUB_NUM_RECEIVERS", 5);
        /*Message[] reports =*/ getCircuitFactory().sequenceTest(null, null, testConfig);
        // Compare sender and receivers reports. 
        /*int messagesSent = reports[0].getIntProperty("MESSAGE_COUNT"); 
        int messagesReceived = reports[1].getIntProperty("MESSAGE_COUNT"); 
        Assert.assertEquals("The requested number of messages were not sent.", 10, messagesSent); 
        Assert.assertEquals("Received messages did not match up to num sent * num receivers.", messagesSent * 5,