Code example for Properties

Methods: getProperty

  public Map<String, String> convert(Properties props)
    String type = null;
    if (Boolean.parseBoolean(props.getProperty("druid.pusher.local", "false"))) {
      type = "local";
    else if (Boolean.parseBoolean(props.getProperty("druid.pusher.cassandra", "false"))) {
      type = "c*";
    else if (Boolean.parseBoolean(props.getProperty("druid.pusher.hdfs", "false"))) {
      type = "hdfs";
    if (type != null) {
      return ImmutableMap.of("", type);
    // It's an s3 property, which means we need to set the type and convert the other values. 
    Map<String, String> retVal = Maps.newHashMap();
    retVal.put("druid.pusher.type", type);
    retVal.putAll(new Rename("druid.pusher.s3.bucket", "").convert(props));
    retVal.putAll(new Rename("druid.pusher.s3.baseKey", "").convert(props));
    retVal.putAll(new Rename("druid.pusher.s3.disableAcl", "").convert(props));
    return retVal;
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