Code example for Properties

Methods: getPropertyload

        // check this just once 
        if (IS_OGR_AVAILABLE == null) {
            try { 
                File props = new File("./src/test/resources/");
                Properties p = new Properties();
                p.load(new FileInputStream(props));
                OGR2OGR = p.getProperty("ogr2ogr");
                // assume it's in the path if the property file hasn't been configured 
                if(OGR2OGR == null)
                    OGR2OGR = "ogr2ogr";
                GDAL_DATA = p.getProperty("gdalData");
                OGRWrapper ogr = new OGRWrapper(OGR2OGR, GDAL_DATA);
                IS_OGR_AVAILABLE = ogr.isAvailable();
            } catch (Exception e) {
                IS_OGR_AVAILABLE = false;
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