Code example for Properties

Methods: clone

    // Overlay hive-site.xml if it exists 
    if (hiveSiteURL != null) {
    // if hadoop configuration files are already in our path - then define 
    // the containing directory as the configuration directory 
    URL hadoopconfurl = getClassLoader().getResource("core-site.xml");
    if (hadoopconfurl != null) {
      String conffile = hadoopconfurl.getPath();
      this.setVar(ConfVars.HADOOPCONF, conffile.substring(0, conffile.lastIndexOf('/')));
    // Overlay the values of any system properties whose names appear in the list of ConfVars 
    // if the running class was loaded directly (through eclipse) rather than through a 
    // jar then this would be needed 
    if (hiveJar == null) {
      hiveJar = this.get(ConfVars.HIVEJAR.varname);