Code example for FragmentActivity

Methods: onPause

     * because the next activity will not be resumed until this method returns. 
    protected void onPause() { 
        Log.v(TAG, "onPause");
     * ユーザに見えなくなるタイミングが onStop() です。 
     * ユーザに見えなくなるので、onStart() で準備した各種リソースをここで開放します。 
     * Finishing the visible lifetime of this {@link Activity}. 
     * This time the {@link Activity} is no longer visible to the user. 
     * You should release resources from this {@link Activity}, such like 
     * unregistering {@link BroadcastReceiver} or some listener objects. 
    protected void onStop() { 
        Log.v(TAG, "onStop");