Code example for ScheduledExecutorService

Methods: submit

        SensorAdapter height = new SensorAdapter();
        SensorAdapter lat = new SensorAdapter();
        SensorAdapter lon = new SensorAdapter();
        gps = new GpsSignal(locationManager, height, lat, lon,
                new DummyListener(), interval);
        signalMap.put(GPS_HEIGHT, height);
        signalMap.put(GPS_LAT, lat);
        signalMap.put(GPS_LON, lon);
    protected void createOrientationSignals(int interval) {"creating orientation signal");
        SensorAdapter yaw = new SensorAdapter();
        SensorAdapter pitch = new SensorAdapter();
        SensorAdapter roll = new SensorAdapter();
        orientation = new OrientationSignal(sensorManager, yaw, roll, pitch);
        signalMap.put(ORIENTATION_YAW, yaw);
        signalMap.put(ORIENTATION_ROLL, roll);
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