Code example for Element

Methods: getAttributes

                attributes.removeNamedItemNS("", "domestic");
            } catch (DOMException ex) {
                success = (ex.code == DOMException.NOT_FOUND_ERR);
            assertTrue("throw_NOT_FOUND_ERR", success);
        level = TestLevel.PARTIAL_COMPLETE, 
        notes = "Verifies that removeNamedItemNS method throws DOMException with NOT_FOUND_ERR code.", 
        method = "removeNamedItemNS", 
        args = {java.lang.String.class, java.lang.String.class}
    public void testRemoveNamedItemNS8() throws Throwable { 
        Document doc;
        NamedNodeMap attributes;
        Element element;
        NodeList elementList;
        doc = (Document) load("staffNS", builder);
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