Code example for Element

Methods: getChildNodes

		String value=new String();;//string array to hold collection of found values
	 	NodeList nodeList = myDocument.getElementsByTagName(identifier);	
		Node node = nodeList.item(0);
		Element fstElement = (Element) node;
		NodeList subNodeList = fstElement.getChildNodes();
		value= subNodeList.item(0).getNodeValue();
	 return value;
//Will remove both the item and the item details from the tables 
private void DeleteObsoleteItemsCompletly(String[] obsoleteIDs){
  for (int k=0;k<obsoleteIDs.length;k++){
	  if (CheckItemExistance(Integer.valueOf(obsoleteIDs[k]))) {
			mDbAdapter.deleteItem(Integer.valueOf(obsoleteIDs[k]));//Delete the items and the item details