Code example for Pattern

Methods: split

		this.queryString = queryString;
		this.fragment = fragment;
		if (StringUtils.isBlank(selectorsString)) {
			selectors = Collections.<String> emptyList();
		} else { 
			selectors = Collections.unmodifiableList(Arrays.asList(DOT_PATTERN.split(selectorsString)));
	 * Creates new instance of the Link by passing the internal state. Use with caution - whenever you pass 
	 * {{selectors}} list make sure it's unmodifiable. 
	 * @param path resource path is everything from the start up to the first dot after the last slash 
	 * (excluding extension and suffix) 
	 * @param selectors list of selectors, cannot be null, should be unmodifiable 
	 * @param extension is everything between the last dot in the URL and the next slash (or the end of the 
	 * string) 
	 * @param suffix is everything after the extension (including the slash)