Code example for ValueCallback

Methods: onReceiveValue

     * @param capture The value of the 'capture' attribute of the input tag 
     *         associated with this file picker. 
     * @hide 
    public void openFileChooser(ValueCallback<Uri> uploadFile, String acceptType, String capture) {
     * Tell the client that the page being viewed is web app capable, 
     * i.e. has specified the fullscreen-web-app-capable meta tag. 
     * @hide 
    public void setInstallableWebApp() { } 
     * Tell the client that the page being viewed has an autofillable 
     * form and the user would like to set a profile up. 
     * @param msg A Message to send once the user has successfully 
     *      set up a profile and to inform the WebTextView it should 
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