Code example for ReadWriteLock

Methods: readLockwriteLock

public class CommonDataPublisher implements DataPublishable { 
	// Per each definition there is a lock, to make each definition creation 
	// atomic 
	private static final ReadWriteLock readWriteLock = new ReentrantReadWriteLock();
	private static final Lock readLock = readWriteLock.readLock();
	private static final Lock writeLock = readWriteLock.writeLock();
	// defaults 
	private String streamName = StreamsDefinitions.RSS_STATS_TABLE;
	private String streamVersion = StreamsDefinitions.VERSION;
	private String streamDefinition = StreamsDefinitions.RSS_STATS_TABLE_STREAM_DEF;
	private String configFileName = RSSPublisherConstants.CONFIGURATION_FILE_NAME;
	public CommonDataPublisher() { 
	public CommonDataPublisher(String streamName, String streamVersion, String streamDefinition,
	                           String configFileName) {
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