Code example for GregorianCalendar

Methods: clone

 	 * @return The GregorianCalendar that should be as the current time. 
	public static GregorianCalendar getCalendarInstance(){
			return (GregorianCalendar)instanceToUse.clone();
		return (GregorianCalendar)GregorianCalendar.getInstance();
	 * Retrieve the next time a Bus will come for a particular stop. 
	 * @param busStop The bustop for which the next time is desired. 
	 * @return A Map.Entry whose value is a string describing the next 
	 * times a bus will come at the given stop, and whose key is a  
	 * GregorianCalendar representing when the next bus will come. 
	public Map.Entry getNextTime(String busStop){
		if(busStop == null ||