Code example for PrintWriter

Methods: printf

     * Represents all the fields in a Session 
    public static class Record implements Types.Record { 
        public String toString() {
            StringWriter writer = new StringWriter();
            PrintWriter print = new PrintWriter(writer);
            print.printf("%1$20s: %2$s\n", "uuid", this.uuid);
            print.printf("%1$20s: %2$s\n", "thisHost", this.thisHost);
            print.printf("%1$20s: %2$s\n", "thisUser", this.thisUser);
            print.printf("%1$20s: %2$s\n", "lastActive", this.lastActive);
            print.printf("%1$20s: %2$s\n", "pool", this.pool);
            print.printf("%1$20s: %2$s\n", "otherConfig", this.otherConfig);
            print.printf("%1$20s: %2$s\n", "isLocalSuperuser", this.isLocalSuperuser);
            print.printf("%1$20s: %2$s\n", "subject", this.subject);
            print.printf("%1$20s: %2$s\n", "validationTime", this.validationTime);
            print.printf("%1$20s: %2$s\n", "authUserSid", this.authUserSid);
            print.printf("%1$20s: %2$s\n", "authUserName", this.authUserName);
            print.printf("%1$20s: %2$s\n", "rbacPermissions", this.rbacPermissions);
            print.printf("%1$20s: %2$s\n", "tasks", this.tasks);
            print.printf("%1$20s: %2$s\n", "parent", this.parent);
            return writer.toString();
         * Convert a session.Record to a Map 
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