Code example for PriorityQueue

Methods: addAll

package imo; 
import java.util.Collection; 
import java.util.Comparator; 
import java.util.PriorityQueue; 
//Wrapper class for PriorityQueue 
public class DijkstraQueue { 
	private Comparator<Vertex> comparator = new VertexComparator(); 
	private PriorityQueue<Vertex> pQueue = new PriorityQueue<Vertex>(10, comparator); 
	//When creating the queue collect all Vertices and add them to pQueue 
	public DijkstraQueue(Collection<Vertex> vertices){ 
	/*Add a vertex to the queue, PriorityQueue automatically handles 
	adding it to the correct spot*/ 
	public void add(Vertex newV){ 
	//This removes and returns the head of the queue 
	public Vertex remove(){