Code example for ResultSet

Methods: getIntgetStringnext

      stmt.setString(1, ownerName);
      stmt.setString(2, typeName);
      rs = stmt.executeQuery();
      // If there was no row then this is not a collection type 
        throw new SQLException("Not a collection type. (" + typeName + ")");
      // Get the columns 
      String elementTypeOwner = rs.getString(1);
      String elementTypeName = rs.getString(2);
      int precision = rs.getInt(3);
      int scale = rs.getInt(4);
      // Build the type for the element type ("this is a collection of ...") 
      TypeInfo elementTypeInfo = getTypeInfo(con, elementTypeOwner, elementTypeName, precision, scale,"");
      // Construct and return the new CollectionTypeInfo