Code example for ContentValues

Methods: containsKeygetAsString

	 * example: UID:e6be67c6-eff0-44f8-a1a0-6c2cb1029944-caldavsyncadapter 
	 * @return the UID for this event 
	public String getUID() {
		String Result = "";
		if (this.ContentValues.containsKey(UID))
			Result = this.ContentValues.getAsString(UID);
		return Result;
	 * compares the given ContentValues with the current ones for differences 
	 * @param calendarEventValues the contentValues of the calendar event 
	 * @return if the events are different 
	public boolean checkEventValuesChanged(ContentValues calendarEventValues) {
		boolean Result = false;
		Object ValueAndroid = null;
		Object ValueCalendar = null;
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