Code example for BigDecimal

Methods: negate

    private static final BigInteger MIN_LONG    = BigInteger.valueOf(Long.MIN_VALUE);
    private static final BigInteger MAX_INTEGER = BigInteger.valueOf(Integer.MAX_VALUE);
    private static final BigInteger MIN_INTEGER = BigInteger.valueOf(Integer.MIN_VALUE);
    private static final BigDecimal MAX_DOUBLE  = new BigDecimal(String.valueOf(Double.MAX_VALUE));
    private static final BigDecimal MIN_DOUBLE  = MAX_DOUBLE.negate();
    private static final BigDecimal MAX_FLOAT   = new BigDecimal(String.valueOf(Float.MAX_VALUE));
    private static final BigDecimal MIN_FLOAT   = MAX_FLOAT.negate();
    *  Builds a Number from the given integer descriptor.  Creates the narrowest 
    *  type possible, or a specific type, if specified. 
    *  @param  text literal text to parse 
    *  @return instantiated Number object 
    *  @throws NumberFormatException if the number does not fit within the type