Code example for Intent

Methods: hasExtraputExtra

    private static final String EXTRA_WIFI_SHOW_ACTION_BAR = "wifi_show_action_bar";
    private static final String EXTRA_WIFI_SHOW_MENUS = "wifi_show_menus";
    public Intent getIntent() {
        Intent modIntent = new Intent(super.getIntent());
        if (!modIntent.hasExtra(EXTRA_SHOW_FRAGMENT)) {
            modIntent.putExtra(EXTRA_SHOW_FRAGMENT, WifiSettings.class.getName());
        modIntent.putExtra(EXTRA_NO_HEADERS, true);
        return modIntent;
     * Almost dead copy of 
     * {@link PreferenceActivity#startWithFragment(String, Bundle, Fragment, int)}, except 
     * this has additional codes for button bar handling. 
    public void startWithFragment(String fragmentName, Bundle args,
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