Code example for Activity

Methods: findViewByIdgetWindow

		// Make sure that this method never returns null 
		if (mOptions == null) return mOptions = new ConfigOptions();
		return mOptions;
	 * Quick method to insert a ShowcaseView into an Activity 
	 * @param viewToShowcase View to showcase 
	 * @param activity       Activity to insert into 
	 * @param title          Text to show as a title. Can be null. 
	 * @param detailText     More detailed text. Can be null. 
	 * @param options        A set of options to customise the ShowcaseView 
	 * @return the created ShowcaseView instance 
	public static ShowcaseView insertShowcaseView(View viewToShowcase, Activity activity, String title,
	                                              String detailText, ConfigOptions options) {
		ShowcaseView sv = new ShowcaseView(activity);
		if (options != null)