Code example for Polygon

Methods: setFillColor

	public void setVisible(boolean visible) {
		if(polygon != null) polygon.setVisible(visible);
	public void setFillColor(int color) {
		if(polygon != null) polygon.setFillColor(color);
	public void setStrokeColor(int color) {
		if(polygon != null) polygon.setStrokeColor(color);
	public static LatLng midPoint(LatLng point1, LatLng point2){
	    double dLon = Math.toRadians(point2.longitude - point1.longitude);
	    //convert to radians 
	    double lat1 = Math.toRadians(point1.latitude);
	    double lat2 = Math.toRadians(point2.latitude);
	    double lon1 = Math.toRadians(point1.longitude);
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