Code example for ArgbEvaluator

    private static final int ELEMENT_FILL_COLOR_FOUND = 0xff88ff88;
    private static final int ELEMENT_FILL_COLOR_NOT_FOUND = 0xffff8888;
    final static private TimeInterpolator linearInterpolator = new LinearInterpolator();
    final static private ArgbEvaluator argbEvaluator = new ArgbEvaluator();
    private final AnimatorUpdateListener viewInvalidator = new Common.ViewInvalidator(this);
    private ArrayList<ShapeHolder> inputElements = new ArrayList<ShapeHolder>();
    private ShapeHolder searchElement = null, lowElement = null, highElement = null;
    public BinarySearchExperiment(Context context) {
        int[] originalElementValues = Arrays.copyOf(Unit.INITIAL_VALUES_ARRAY, Unit.INITIAL_VALUES_ARRAY.length);
        int originalSearchElementValue = originalElementValues[originalElementValues.length * 3 / 4];
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