Code example for UnsupportedCallbackException

Methods: getMessagegetCallback

    public void testUnsupportedCallbackException02() { 
        myCallback c = new myCallback();
        assertNotNull("Callback object is null", c);
        UnsupportedCallbackException ucE = new UnsupportedCallbackException(c);
        assertNull("getMessage() must return null.", ucE.getMessage());
        assertEquals("Incorrect callback object was returned", c, ucE.getCallback());
     * @tests callback, String msg)  
     * Assertion: constructs with null callback parameter and null message. 
        level = TestLevel.PARTIAL_COMPLETE, 
        notes = "", 
        method = "UnsupportedCallbackException", 
        args = {Callback.class, String.class}
    public void testUnsupportedCallbackException03() { 
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