Code example for CollectionCertStoreParameters

    public static List<CertStore> getCollectionCertStoresList()
        throws InvalidAlgorithmParameterException, 
               NoSuchAlgorithmException { 
        CertStore cs = CertStore.getInstance("Collection",
                new CollectionCertStoreParameters());
        ArrayList<CertStore> l = new ArrayList<CertStore>();
        if (!l.add(cs)) {
            throw new RuntimeException("Could not create cert stores list");
        return l;
     * Creates stub implementation of the <code>PKIXCertPathChecker</code> 
     * @return Stub implementation of the <code>PKIXCertPathChecker</code> 
    public static PKIXCertPathChecker getTestCertPathChecker() {
        // stub implementation for testing purposes only 
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