Code example for ActivityManager

Methods: getMemoryClass

            // processes. For the baseline devices the memory class is 16 and we will 
            // limit it to one render process. For the devices with memory class 24, 
            // we allow two render processes. 
            ActivityManager am = (ActivityManager)context.getSystemService(
            maxRendererProcesses = Math.max(((am.getMemoryClass() - 8) / 8), 1);
        if (maxRendererProcesses > MAX_RENDERERS_LIMIT) {
            Log.w(TAG, "Excessive maxRendererProcesses value: " + maxRendererProcesses);
            return MAX_RENDERERS_LIMIT;
        return Math.max(0, maxRendererProcesses);
    // Automatically decide the number of renderer processes to use based on device memory class. 
    public static final int MAX_RENDERERS_AUTOMATIC = -1;
    // Use single-process mode that runs the renderer on a separate thread in the main application. 
    public static final int MAX_RENDERERS_SINGLE_PROCESS = 0;
    // Cap on the maximum number of renderer processes that can be requested. 
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