Code example for ConcurrentHashMap

Methods: keySet

   private Set<MessagingListener> mListeners;
   private ConcurrentHashMap<MessagingListener, Object> mListenersMap;
   public GroupMessagingListener() { 
      ConcurrentHashMap var1 = new ConcurrentHashMap();
      this.mListenersMap = var1;
      Set var2 = this.mListenersMap.keySet();
      this.mListeners = var2;
   public void Attachment_StatusStart(long var1, long var3, long var5, long var7) {
      try { 
         Iterator var9 = this.mListeners.iterator();
         while(var9.hasNext()) {
            MessagingListener var10 = (MessagingListener);
            var10.Attachment_StatusStart(var1, var3, var5, var7);
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