Code example for ConcurrentHashMap

    // This is the default used by the buffer streams, but they trace a warning if you do not specify. 
    public static final int DEFAULT_STREAM_BUFFER_SIZE = 8192;
    private static Map<String, FetchedAppSettings> fetchedAppSettings =
            new ConcurrentHashMap<String, FetchedAppSettings>();
    public static class FetchedAppSettings { 
        private boolean supportsAttribution;
        private boolean supportsImplicitLogging;
        private FetchedAppSettings(boolean supportsAttribution, boolean supportsImplicitLogging) {
            this.supportsAttribution = supportsAttribution;
            this.supportsImplicitLogging = supportsImplicitLogging;
        public boolean supportsAttribution() { 
            return supportsAttribution;