Code example for HttpRequest

Methods: getParamsgetProtocolVersiongetRequestLine

class LibRequestDirector implements RequestDirector {
	private boolean DEBUG = true;
	private Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(LibRequestDirector.class); 
    /** The connection manager. */ 
    protected final ClientConnectionManager connManager;
    /** The route planner. */ 
    protected final HttpRoutePlanner routePlanner;
    /** The connection re-use strategy. */ 
    protected final ConnectionReuseStrategy reuseStrategy;
    /** The keep-alive duration strategy. */ 
    protected final ConnectionKeepAliveStrategy keepAliveStrategy;
    /** The request executor. */ 
    protected final HttpRequestExecutor requestExec;
    /** The HTTP protocol processor. */ 
    protected final HttpProcessor httpProcessor;
    /** The request retry handler. */ 
    protected final HttpRequestRetryHandler retryHandler;
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