Code example for Attributes

Methods: getQName

   *         or null if the index is out of range. 
   * @see #getLength 
  public String getQName(final int index)
    return attributes.getQName(index);
   * Look up an attribute's type by index. 
   * <p/> 
   * <p>The attribute type is one of the strings "CDATA", "ID", "IDREF", 
   * (always in upper case).</p> 
   * <p/> 
   * <p>If the parser has not read a declaration for the attribute, or if the 
   * parser does not report attribute types, then it must return the value 
   * "CDATA" as stated in the XML 1.0 Recommendation (clause 3.3.3, 
   * "Attribute-Value Normalization").</p> 
   * <p/>