Code example for EGL10

Methods: eglDestroyContexteglDestroySurfaceeglMakeCurrenteglTerminate

			catch (Exception ex) {}
			mainLoop = null;
	        egl.eglMakeCurrent(dpy, EGL10.EGL_NO_SURFACE, EGL10.EGL_NO_SURFACE, EGL10.EGL_NO_CONTEXT);
	        egl.eglDestroySurface(dpy, surface);
	        egl.eglDestroyContext(dpy, eglContext);
	 * Some initialization of the OpenGL stuff (that I don't 
	 * understand...) 
	protected void init() {		 
		// Much of this code is from GLSurfaceView in the Google API Demos. 
		// I encourage those interested to look there for documentation. 
		egl = (EGL10)EGLContext.getEGL();
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