Code example for Parcel

Methods: readDoublereadIntreadLongreadString

    public static final String CATEGORY_VEHICLE = "vehicleAddonUnlock";
    public static final String CATEGORY_SKILL = "soldierSpecializationUnlock";
    public UnlockData(Parcel in) {
        mKitId = in.readInt();
        mUnlockPercentage = in.readDouble();
        mScoreNeeded = in.readLong();
        mScoreCurrent = in.readLong();
        mParentIdentifier = in.readString();
        mUnlockIdentifier = in.readString();
        mObjective = in.readString();
        mType = in.readString();
    public UnlockData(int k, double u, long scn, long scc, String pi,
                      String ui, String o, String t) {
        mKitId = k;
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