Code example for GeolocationPermissions.Callback

Methods: invoke

		//when something that might impact a browser UI happens. 
		webView.setWebChromeClient(new WebChromeClient() {
			public void onGeolocationPermissionsShowPrompt(String origin,
					Callback callback) {
				callback.invoke(origin, true, false);
			public void onExceededDatabaseQuota(String url,
					String databaseIdentifier, long quota,
					long estimatedDatabaseSize, long totalQuota,
					QuotaUpdater quotaUpdater) {
				// TODO Auto-generated method stub 
				super.onExceededDatabaseQuota(url, databaseIdentifier, quota,
						estimatedDatabaseSize, totalQuota, quotaUpdater);
		// make sure the web view fills the viewable area