Code example for TabHost

Methods: getTabWidgetsetCurrentTab

        // Unfortunately when TabHost changes the current tab, it kindly 
        // also takes care of putting focus on it when not in touch mode. 
        // The jerk. 
        // This hack tries to prevent this from pulling focus out of our 
        // ViewPager. 
        TabWidget widget = mTabHost.getTabWidget();
        int oldFocusability = widget.getDescendantFocusability();
        // Scroll the current tab into visibility if needed. 
        View tab = widget.getChildTabViewAt(position);
        mTempRect.set(tab.getLeft(), tab.getTop(), tab.getRight(), tab.getBottom());
        widget.requestRectangleOnScreen(mTempRect, false);
        // Make sure the scrollbars are visible for a moment after selection 
        final View contentView = mTabs.get(position).view;
        if (contentView instanceof CaffeinatedScrollView) {
            ((CaffeinatedScrollView) contentView).awakenScrollBars();