Code example for SmsManager: Sending Text Messages (SMS)

Methods: divideMessagesendTextMessagegetClass

		aclass[8] = Integer.TYPE;
		Method method;
		try { 
			method = smsManager.getClass().getMethod("sendMultipartTextMessage", aclass);
			Object aobj[] = new Object[9];
			aobj[0] = phoneNumber;
			aobj[1] = null;
			aobj[2] = smsManager.divideMessage(message);
			aobj[3] = sendIntents;
			aobj[4] = deIntents;
			aobj[5] = Boolean.valueOf(false);
			aobj[6] = Integer.valueOf(0);
			aobj[7] = Integer.valueOf(0);
			aobj[8] = Integer.valueOf(0);
			method.invoke(smsManager, aobj);
			// Any error, send using default android api with bug 
		} catch (Exception e) {
			// doesnt work. there is a bug on android core. Its sending sms twice 
			smsManager.sendTextMessage(phoneNumber, null, message, sendIntent, deIntent);
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