Code example for NsdManager

Methods: resolveService

    // the service name change after resolution 
    public void resolveService(NsdServiceInfo service, NsdManager.ResolveListener listener) {
	nsdMgr.resolveService(service, listener);
    private String getNsdError(int code) {
	if (code == NsdManager.FAILURE_ALREADY_ACTIVE) {
	    return "NSD Already active"; 
	} else if (code == NsdManager.FAILURE_INTERNAL_ERROR) {
	    return "NSD Internal error"; 
	} else if (code == NsdManager.FAILURE_MAX_LIMIT) {
	    return "NSD Max request limit"; 
	} else 
	    return "NSD Unknown error"; 
    private class MyDiscoveryListener implements DiscoveryListener {
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