Code example for TestCase

Methods: getClassgetName

     * @param reportFile name of the report file(s) to create 
     * @param reportDir  path of the directory under which to write files 
     *                  (may be null in which case files are written under 
     *                  the context using {@link Context#openFileOutput(String, int)}). 
     * @param filterTraces if true, stack traces will have common noise (e.g. 
     *            framework methods) omitted for clarity 
     * @param multiFile if true, use a separate file for each test suite 
    public JUnitReportListener(Context context, Context targetContext, String reportFile, String reportDir, boolean filterTraces, boolean multiFile) {
        this.mContext = context;
        this.mTargetContext = targetContext;
        this.mReportFile = reportFile;
        this.mReportDir = reportDir;
        this.mFilterTraces = filterTraces;
        this.mMultiFile = multiFile;
    public void startTest(Test test) {
        try {