Code example for PKIXCertPathValidatorResult

Methods: getPolicyTree

        // as a parameter to the constructor 
        assertSame(pk, vr.getPublicKey());
     * Test for <code>getPolicyTree()</code> method<br> 
     * Assertion: returns the root node of the valid 
     * policy tree or <code>null</code> if there are 
     * no valid policies 
     * @throws NoSuchAlgorithmException 
     * @throws InvalidKeySpecException 
        level = TestLevel.PARTIAL_COMPLETE, 
        notes = "Verifies that getPolicyTree method returns the root node of the valid policy tree.", 
        method = "getPolicyTree", 
        args = {} 
    public final void testGetPolicyTree01() throws Exception { 
        TrustAnchor ta = TestUtils.getTrustAnchor();
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