Code example for SSLSocketFactory

Methods: createSocket

        // Android had a bug where HTTPS made reverse DNS lookups (fixed in Ice Cream Sandwich)  
        SocketFactory socketFactory = new LayeredSocketFactory() {
            SSLSocketFactory delegate = SSLSocketFactory.getSocketFactory();
            @Override public Socket createSocket() throws IOException {
                return delegate.createSocket();
            @Override public Socket connectSocket(Socket sock, String host, int port,
                    InetAddress localAddress, int localPort, HttpParams params) throws IOException {
                return delegate.connectSocket(sock, host, port, localAddress, localPort, params);
            @Override public boolean isSecure(Socket sock) throws IllegalArgumentException {
                return delegate.isSecure(sock);
            @Override public Socket createSocket(Socket socket, String host, int port,
                    boolean autoClose) throws IOException {
                injectHostname(socket, host);
                return delegate.createSocket(socket, host, port, autoClose);
            private void injectHostname(Socket socket, String host) {
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