Code example for String

Methods: valueOf

		ArrayList<Game> games = new ArrayList<Game>();
		String page = "";
		page += "?lat=" + lat.toString();
		page += "&lon=" + lon.toString();
		page += "&dist=" + dist.toString();
		games = getGamesFromServer(page);
		return games;
	 * Get all the Games of the specified sport at the specified location. 
	 * @param lat <code>int</code> Latitude of the game (in microdegrees) 
	 * @param lon <code>int</code> Longitude of the game (in microdegrees) 
	 * @param sport <code>String</code> Sport to filter results by 
	 * @return <code>ArrayList</code> containing the requested Games 
	public static ArrayList<Game> getGames(Integer lat, Integer lon, String sport) {
		return getGames(lat, lon, 5, sport);
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