Code example for Map

Methods: getkeySet

        // we have to do these strange contortions because byte[] is not a very good key 
        // for a java Map. It only works with equality (you need the exact key object to retrieve 
        // the value) I recommend we switch to using ByteBuffer or something similar: 
        Map<byte[],byte[]> map = fmap.get();
        Set<byte[]> mapKeys = map.keySet();
        Iterator<byte[]> iterMap = mapKeys.iterator();
        byte[] firstMapKey =;
        byte[] secondMapKey =;
        verifyHasBothValues(firstMapKey, secondMapKey, "f1".getBytes(), "f22".getBytes());
        byte[] firstMapValue = map.get(firstMapKey);
        byte[] secondMapValue = map.get(secondMapKey);
        verifyHasBothValues(firstMapValue, secondMapValue, "v111".getBytes(), "v2222".getBytes());
        Iterator<byte[]> iter = fkeys.get().iterator();
        byte[] firstKey =;
        byte[] secondKey =;