Code example for SessionOutputBuffer

Methods: getMetrics

     * @see SocketOutputBuffer#SocketOutputBuffer(Socket, int, HttpParams) 
     * @param socket the socket. 
     * @param buffersize the buffer size. 
     * @param params HTTP parameters. 
     * @return session output buffer. 
     * @throws IOException in case of an I/O error. 
    protected SessionOutputBuffer createSessionOutputBuffer(
            final Socket socket,
            int buffersize,
            final HttpParams params) throws IOException {
        return new SocketOutputBuffer(socket, buffersize, params);
     * Binds this connection to the given {@link Socket}. This socket will be 
     * used by the connection to send and receive data. 
     * <p> 
     * This method will invoke {@link #createSessionInputBuffer(Socket, int, HttpParams)}