Code example for AllowAllHostnameVerifier

    public static final String TLS   = "TLS";
    public static final String SSL   = "SSL";
    public static final String SSLV2 = "SSLv2";
    public static final X509HostnameVerifier ALLOW_ALL_HOSTNAME_VERIFIER 
        = new AllowAllHostnameVerifier();
    public static final X509HostnameVerifier BROWSER_COMPATIBLE_HOSTNAME_VERIFIER 
        = new BrowserCompatHostnameVerifier();
    public static final X509HostnameVerifier STRICT_HOSTNAME_VERIFIER 
        = new StrictHostnameVerifier();
     * The factory using the default JVM settings for secure connections. 
    private static final AndroidSSLSocketFactory DEFAULT_FACTORY = new AndroidSSLSocketFactory();
     * Gets an singleton instance of the SSLProtocolSocketFactory. 
     * @return a SSLProtocolSocketFactory 
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