Code example for ConcurrentMap

Methods: put

    public void save(final String proxyGrantingTicketIou, final String proxyGrantingTicket) {
        final ProxyGrantingTicketHolder holder = new ProxyGrantingTicketHolder(proxyGrantingTicket);
        logger.debug("Saving ProxyGrantingTicketIOU and ProxyGrantingTicket combo: [{}, {}]", proxyGrantingTicketIou,
        this.cache.put(proxyGrantingTicketIou, holder);
     * Cleans up old, expired proxy tickets. This method must be 
     * called regularly via an external thread or timer. 
    public void cleanUp() { 
        for (final Map.Entry<String, ProxyGrantingTicketHolder> holder : this.cache.entrySet()) {
            if (holder.getValue().isExpired(this.timeout)) {
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