Code example for ConcurrentMap

Methods: getremove

    public String retrieve(final String proxyGrantingTicketIou) {
        if (CommonUtils.isBlank(proxyGrantingTicketIou)) {
            return null; 
        final ProxyGrantingTicketHolder holder = this.cache.get(proxyGrantingTicketIou);
        if (holder == null) {
  "No Proxy Ticket found for [{}].", proxyGrantingTicketIou);
            return null; 
        logger.debug("Returned ProxyGrantingTicket of [{}]", holder.getProxyGrantingTicket());
        return holder.getProxyGrantingTicket();
    public void save(final String proxyGrantingTicketIou, final String proxyGrantingTicket) {
        final ProxyGrantingTicketHolder holder = new ProxyGrantingTicketHolder(proxyGrantingTicket);
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