Code example for Random

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    // Don't use native libs for this test. 
    Configuration conf = new Configuration();
    conf.setBoolean("hadoop.native.lib", false);
    assertFalse("ZlibFactory is using native libs against request",
    // Ensure that the CodecPool has a BuiltInZlibInflater in it. 
    Decompressor zlibDecompressor = ZlibFactory.getZlibDecompressor(conf);
    assertNotNull("zlibDecompressor is null!", zlibDecompressor);
    assertTrue("ZlibFactory returned unexpected inflator",
        zlibDecompressor instanceof BuiltInZlibInflater);
    // Now create a GZip text file. 
    String tmpDir = System.getProperty("", "/tmp/");
    Path f = new Path(new Path(tmpDir), "testGzipCodecRead.txt.gz");
    BufferedWriter bw = new BufferedWriter(new OutputStreamWriter(
      new GZIPOutputStream(new FileOutputStream(f.toString()))));
    final String msg = "This is the message in the file!";