Code example for AlertDialog.Builder

Methods: setCancelable, setIcon, setMessage, setPositiveButton, setTitle

     * Displays a error dialog with an exception's message as its body. Also displays a Send Email 
     * button to send the exception to the developer, if an appropriate Intent handler is available 
     * (otherwise it will behave exactly like {@link #newErrorDialog(Activity, String, Exception)}. 
     * <p> 
     * Email subject and button label will have default values, but you can override them by 
     * defining the following strings resources: 
     * <ul> 
     * <li>ign_error_report_email_subject - The subject of the email.</li> 
     * <li>ign_dialog_button_send_error_report - The text on the Send Email button.</li> 
     * </ul> 
     * </p> 
     * @param activity 
     * @param title 
     * @param error 
     * @return 
    public static AlertDialog.Builder newErrorHandlerDialog(final Activity activity, String title,