Code example for ShortBuffer

Methods: capacity

		return buffer.limit();
	/** @return the maximum number of indices this IndexBufferObject can store. */ 
	public int getNumMaxIndices () { 
		return buffer.capacity();
	/** <p> 
	 * Sets the indices of this IndexBufferObject, discarding the old indices. The count must equal the number of indices to be 
	 * copied to this IndexBufferObject. 
	 * </p> 
	 * <p> 
	 * This can be called in between calls to {@link #bind()} and {@link #unbind()}. The index data will be updated instantly. 
	 * </p> 
	 * @param indices the vertex data 
	 * @param offset the offset to start copying the data from 
	 * @param count the number of floats to copy */