Code example for SparseIntArray

Methods: getput

            public void dumpLocked(FileDescriptor fd, PrintWriter pw, String[] args,
                    String name, String prefix, SparseIntArray pidCounts) {
                pidCounts.put(pid, pidCounts.get(pid)+1);
                pw.print(prefix); pw.print(name); pw.print(": pid=");
                        pw.print(pid); pw.print(" uid=");
                        pw.print(uid); pw.print(" user=");
                        pw.print(userHandle); pw.print(" target=");
                                observer != null ? observer.asBinder() : null)));
        public static final int INSERT_TYPE = 0;
        public static final int UPDATE_TYPE = 1;
        public static final int DELETE_TYPE = 2;
        private String mName;
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