Code example for SQLiteStatement

Methods: bindBlobbindDoublebindStringexecuteInsert

        this.insertStmt = DataManipulator.db.compileStatement(INSERT);
    //Performs an insertion into the database, given all the attributes of the Article variable. 
    public long insert(String name, byte[] picture, String type, int rating) {
        this.insertStmt.bindString(1, name);
        this.insertStmt.bindBlob(2, picture);
        this.insertStmt.bindString(3, type);
        this.insertStmt.bindDouble(4, rating);
        return this.insertStmt.executeInsert();
     * This method returns a List containing Hashtable objects that each hold information about a specific article object. It takes in a  
     * string that is used to find objects. Currently matches the string with the name of each object. 
     * @param search A string that contains information about the object to search with. 
     * @return 
    //TODO Return Article objects instead of a Hashtable